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I have trained with Derek for a bit over a year and have felt that he sees his students as individuals and is very supportive of them and generous with his attention. His explanations are very clear and well-thought out and he clearly thinks carefully about what he plans to teach and how. He is also very good with kids and takes kids' jiu-jitsu very seriously.

Frederick H

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I have trained with Derek for over a decade now and he is a truly talented practitioner and instructor who always is improving, changing and evolving his jiujitsu while guiding his students and helping them attain their goals. He truly lives the martial way and applies his jiujitsu principles and mentality to everything in life to become the best he can in all things and leads by example everyday. If you are looking for a spot to train check this school out, you won't be disappointed!

- Trevor S


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Derek is a great professor. He knows how to push you and keep you motivated on the mat and your goals... Great learning environment. I wish I didn't move so far away, I miss not going to his place... I always felt welcomed and pushed to achieve greatness... it's worth checking out, just don't be late; burpbees suck lol...

- Dominic G C


Derek is a top-notch instructor with a depth of knowledge in Jiu Jitsu. He is also a great and caring person. As long as you are not late to his classes, he will be very nice to you ;)

- KyungJae A J

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Clean. Professional. Great community. Derek is a great instructor and I would recommend this place to anyone/everyone.

- T Elliot F


Derek is someone I have know inside and outside of the BJJ academy. His talent on the mat is something that is hard to describe unless you see it and have the benefit to learn from it.

- Tony F


Derek Stevens is one of the most passionate coaches I have ever met. If you don't know him, its worth taking the time to walk into his gym. It won't take long for you see the same. If you are looking for top quality instruction, I guarantee you wont be dissapointed.

- Matt M